Living Space

Home is personal. Our living space reveals something about ourselves, something unique to each individual. Through portraits and handwritten notes, this series explores the diversity and intimacy of structure in the lives of those who live in Southeastern Ohio. This material was produced between October 2014 and April 2015.

Kara Frisina in her cabin outside of Athens, Ohio.


Kev Polk on the porch of his tiny home in Athens, Ohio.
Mathew, Jennifer, Maggie and Eme Van Nostran outside of their new farm house in Athens, Ohio.
Nigel Wilson in his “tea room”, the storage unit he lived in temporarily in Athens, Ohio.
Sarah Fick in the doorway of her wigwam in Rutland, Ohio.
Riley Carpenter in her bedroom in the Sigma Kappa sorority house at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.
Dennis Miller in his hand-built, solar-powered cabin seven miles outside of Tuppers Plains, Ohio.
Bethany Baker with her parents John and Margot in their farm house outside of Nelsonville, Ohio.