Discovery of Student Arts.

Made In Athens is a collection of stories dedicated to showcasing the passion of aspiring artists.

Aaron Brown:
Graphic Designer

Art is just as much conceptual as it is technical. Graphic design is the study of this notion. Aaron Brown is currently learning these disciplines and exploring different types of media. This practice requires extensive exercise of trial and error.

Emily McDermott:
Host of Designated Space

Designated Space is a weekly event held at a coffee shop where literary artists present spoken word. Emily McDermott is the moderator of this venue, as well as a participant. She has been writing poetry and novellas since she was a child.

John Brown VI:
Painter and Drawer

Painting and drawing are considered some of the most classic art practices. In the 21st century the pursuit to explore such an old age art form could be seen as a fruitless venture, but not for John Brown VI. John has committed himself to this type of work despite negative stigma.

Jon Lawson:
Dance Choreographer

Dancing is a form of expression that uses one's body and space to convey a certain emotion or mood. Jon Lawson is all too familiar with this type of expression. As a choreographer, he manages multiple dancers to create a story through the motion of their bodies. He stretches his physical limits for the sake of his storytelling.