About Our Project

Home: From the Ground Up is a student-authored multimedia project documenting the concept of home throughout Southeast Ohio.

Initially interested in the structures people inhabit, Home: From the Ground Up began as a portrait series that showed the diversity of living space in the Southeast Ohio region. As the project progressed, it became a comparative exploration of home in a broader sense and ultimately revealed that home is a reflection of one’s personality, values, and passions.

Over the course of fifteen weeks, students produced video projects, portraits, and collected materials to convey the idea of home being unique to each individual.

Home: from the Ground Up © 2015 was produced as a part of Soul of Athens 2015, an online collaborative multimedia project.

Meet Our Team

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Undergraduate Multimedia Design

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Undergraduate Photojournalism

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Graduate Photojournalism

Nic Ruebel


Undergraduate Publication Design

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